A window into my life

In no particular order, I'm a wife, aunt, sister, daughter, and friend who lives in Seattle, WA. My interests include traveling the world, breaking a sweat, cooking, wine tasting, hosting dinner parties, angel investing, hiking and cheering on my beloved New York Yankees and New York Giants. 

I'm ALSO a focused product manager who has 20+ years experience and has executed across industries such as financial services, technology, healthcare, non-profit, and food/beverage. The companies I have delivered for range from very small (under 10 employees) to very large (100,000+), and everything in between.

My passion is focused on putting customers first, and guiding solutions from conception to launch through working with development and other business partners to deliver tangible results. 

A few fun facts:

  • I live with my husband in Seattle and the only reason we have cable TV is that we both want to watch our favorite sports teams (which differ significantly).
  • I love to explore and am naturally curious - this helps feed my passions around travel, food and wine, and technology.
  • I am a transplant from New York City to Seattle.
  • I enjoy high intensity training (barbells are a plus), hiking, yoga and running - the order varies depending on my mood.
  • I love cooking for our friends and families, and experimenting with different culinary concepts.
  • I have a degree in Accounting, which only came in handy when I co-founded 2 start-ups.
  • I like working on a team because crossing the finish line together is way better than doing it on your own.